U23 Teams


U23 Men

When does the PDB U23 team start and end?
Training will begin either the end of May or middle of June dependent upon outside factors. The initial cost is for the team to attend the LISFL U23 League. The season ends in July, before college preseason begins.

Who is eligible to participate in the PDB U23 team? 
Generally players returning from their college spring season. NCAA has a rule that only 5 players per Division I school are allowed; NAIA and Division II and III schools are allowed unlimited players per team.

Will PDB host tryouts?

Tryouts will be held throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring prior to the start of the new season.

Where will the PDB U23 team practice? How many times per week? 
Training will be twice per week, pending game schedule.


U23 Women

How many games will the PDB U23 team play?
The team will prepare to compete in the LISFL playing games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. There will be approximately 6-8 games not including regional championships.

Who will coach the PDB U23 team?
PDB Staff Coach Zef Kabashi will be the head coach.

What is the cost of the PDB U23 team? What does the cost include? 
Cost is $100. Cost includes all club fees, registration fees and uniform fees for the Championship event. Cost DOES NOT include player travel and lodging.

Will there be other costs involved?
In the event that the team continues to play for the Regional Championship, there would be additional costs to cover individual game expenses.

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