PDB Soccer Academy

Kidz Club

The Kidz Club Training Program provides instruction to players Ages 3-7.  This program is designed to develop coordination, balance, and the motor aspects of soccer through  fun, small-sided games.

The program consists of 10 sessions (Spring) and 8 sessions (Fall), on a frequency of one day per week (10 sessions indoor during the winter).

Program Focus:

  • Balance, Coordination, Agility
  • 1v1 situations combined with scoring
  • Passing & Receiving
  • Small Sided Games

All sessions will be outdoors (Indoors during the winter).

All registered players must please bring a ball and water and must be accompanied by an adult.

Ball sizes-

U4 - U7 size 3

U8 - U12 size 4

U13 and up size 5

What happens if it rains? And the answer is: Kidz Club and Juniors Training Program are for fun. As a general rule, young children do not enjoy being too hot, too cold or too wet. As parents, we have some insight as to our own child's tolerances for the elements, thus, PLEASE USE YOUR BEST JUDGEMENT FOR YOUR CHILD. We would like your child's introduction to soccer to be a positive one. If you have a perfect weather child, your child may enjoy participating more if they do so only on the perfect weather days. If your child is weather resistant, join us drizzle or shine.